Web Design


At Ask Matt, Web Design Vancouver, our experienced web designers and web site development will create an amazing web solution that will have the power to bring your business, portfolio or information further.
Ask Matt believes that an effective website is easy to use while still connecting and communicating with your users in a meaningful manner. Pushing the boundaries of today’s development languages and platforms such as JAVASCRIPT, PHP, WORDPRESS, ADOBE & CSS3 to create the best, cutting edge websites which will make your business a success.

Ask Matt brings you…

  • Professional customer service
  • Web design that adheres to internet standards
  • A full service, highly capable, web development experience
  • Optimization for high rankings in Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • A promise to standby a fast turn-around time

Custom Web Design

Are you looking for a web site that is NOT boxy?

A web site that captures the eye and impresses the mind?

No Boring Templates Here.

At Ask Matt we create web sites that break the mold and stand out from the regular boring web sites.

Every web site has a beginning and we start with our client’s vision. Sometimes the client is not certain of the vision just of the business needs and this is ok.

Ask Matt walk clients through a design process of determining what the clients needs are, the overall feel they want their web site to have on their visitors and the lasting impression they want to make.

A custom web design is not limited to the web site. We also create logos and business cards to match the feel and look of the web site. We believe in complete marketing packages to ensure your success online and offline.

What’s Hot and What’s Not

During the design process we research who the target audience is, what kind of technology the target audience will likely use, and research the most-likely competitors they will face on the internet.

Our clients often suggest a type of design or particular web sites that are to their liking which we reference to refine our initial concept. We always advise our clients if a particular web site is unprofessional and falls out of acceptable scope to compete with the best in their industry.

Web Site Redesign

Ask Matt Web Design in Vancouver is pleased to offer web site redesign and makeover services to help take your existing web site to the next level. We’ll consult with you to find out which areas of your web site are in need of improvement, and work with you to make it better than ever.

Whether your text needs some added sparkle, or your graphics and photos would benefit from some enhancement, we can marvelously improve how your web site looks, feels, and performs – for a lot less than you would expect.

Ask Matt employ’s professional advertising copy writers who can take your existing text, and make it more compelling – both to your visitors, and the major search engines. This is essential for a successful web site redesign that gets results.

We’ll streamline your web site so that it loads quickly, is easy to navigate, gets found on the search engines – and – most importantly – gets your message across to your visitors.

The process of redesigning a Web site is more than just changing graphics. In fact, it’s very similar to that of creating a new Web site, with the addition of a few considerations. Our web designers will help you to:

  • Adjust for any shift in site’s purpose or audience

  • Incorporate new content and redesign features

  • Modernize graphics, layout and navigation

  • Address any dissatisfaction with existing site

  • Evaluate hosting requirements in light of new site’s demands

Internet Marketing

As an Internet Marketing Company in Vancouver, Ask Matt holds the unique position of understanding both the Canadian Internet Market as well as the American Market. Internet Marketing has to take into account where your visitors are accessing your website from. For example, Google will give different results for a search depending on the geographic location of the computer sending the query. This is true for organic search results as well as paid ads that are listed to the right of the main search results. To compensate for this, Ask Matt Web Design in Vancouver takes an exhaustive approach compared to any other Internet Marketing Company. Ask Matt will test and sample results using a network of computers across North America. This guarantees the best results especially given the considerable differences in search patterns from country to country and city to city.

However, internet marketing isn’t our only focus. Our company strategy involves the marriage of traditional “brick & mortar” marketing with internet marketing strategies. You will have access to a web development team that will include accountants, business consultants, marketing experts, professional writers as well as a business psychologist. They will address traditional concerns such as suitability of your company’s pricing structure, whether or not your target market is the best for your venture, distribution issues, and many other issues that contribute to the overall success of your web presence.

We will always try to refine and improve on your ideas. As a full solutions web development firm we do more than just requesting your desired content. We accomplish all of this for a fee that is extremely competitive, often up to 40% less than our competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization by Ask Matt Web Design in Toronto will put your company on the first page of Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN when your budget permits it. Basic Search Engine Optimization is always included free of charge.

Search Engine Optimization services includes:

  • Website analysis / consultation

  • Keyword and phrase research

  • Full website content optimization

  • Rewrite content and webpage source code for search engine indexing

  • Solicitation of inbound links on your behalf

  • Hand submission to search engines and directories (DMOZ, Google, etc)

  • Reoptimization after spidering to maintain key phrase performance